Ageing biological check-up Paris

Ageing biological check-up:

The Ageing biological check-up evaluates the degree of your inner body’s ageing.
It also identifies your real age, « the age of our vitality, arteries, neurons, joints, skin and physiology », that age can be different from the civil status chronological age.

Some people are already old when they are 50 years old, and some are young at 60.

The gap depends mainly on factors which determine the quality and the speed of ageing , the way you lived your life and « wasted » your youth capital.

Specific biological parameters (blood tests and others) are definitely indicators concerning the oxidation and wear process, which is secondarily responsible for general deterioration , accelerated ageing and degenerative diseases development (brain degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, maturity onset diabetes, arthrosis and some cancers).

  •  Sugars oxidation: deterioration and « rust » of your body.
  • Cells and « batteries » of energy oxidation: fatigue and loss of energy.
  • Fats oxidation: arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Proteins oxidation: arthrosis, skin ageing, cataract,…
  • DNA oxidation: autoimmune diseases and cancers.
  • Neurons oxidation: brain ageing, Parkinson disease…
  • Etc…

The body wear and the degree of your inner body’s ageing are intimately linked to the oxidation degree and defence system of the body against that oxidation.

A strong oxidation and a weak defence system are synonymous with the quickening and the bad ageing process.

Ageing biological check-up:

A general biological check-up: « to assess the state of play »

Several tens of blood tests in order to ditect a dysfunction, an inflammatory or cancerous process, a fats and sugar metabolism disorder, a pathological disorder (hepatitis, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, kidney failure, thyroid disease, blood disorders…) to be taken care of.

Hormone assessment

Hormone testing in order to detect a possible hormonal deficit, which quickens the ageing process.

Body oxidation assessment

It can determine the importance of oxidation and the risk of wear.

A high level of oxidation is a factor for degenerative diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthrosis, cancer…) and quickening of the ageing process.

Body defence system assessment against oxidation and wear

In order to estimate the quality of the defence system, the neutralisation and the disposal of toxic substances produced by oxydation.

A weak body defence system is a factor for quickening the ageing process.

Fatty acids assessment

In order to detect a possible unbalance. An unbalance of fatty acids is also a factor for health problems and ageing.

Intestinal flora balance assessment (probiotics)

The intestinal flora and probiotics unbalance encourages the development of many diseases such as obesity, maturity onset diabetes and immune disorders.

Real age assessment (biological age)

Actual age is a good indicator for health status and ageing.

Additional and optional tests

  • Research for gluten and lactose intolerance. Responsible for chronic digestive disorders and general fatigue.
  • Immunity screening test of colorectal cancer.
  • Detoxification profile.
  • A predictive genetic test.

A medical care for ageing and an individualized anti-ageing program will be suggested.